Your benefits have landed

In disruptive times, employee wellness has never been more important. Employers racing to attract and retain talent are turning to Flare for a competitive and free benefits solution.

Perks with benefits

Give your employees a pay boost – for free.

Help your people save on tax by packaging major expenses. And unlock everyday savings with one of Australia’s most comprehensive discount marketplaces – including offers on gym memberships, mental wellness services, groceries, electronics and entertainment.

Flare’s digital perks card allows users to shop and receive discounts seamlessly.

Cars with benefits

Help your employees save thousands of dollars per year on average on their car expenses.

Car ownership is among Australians’ largest expenses – costing 15% of the average income.

Novated Leasing is a tax benefit that allows most car expenses, including depreciation and running costs, to be paid in pre-tax dollars. Flare Cars makes these savings available on new and used vehicles – even on the car you already drive. Available exclusively to Flare users.

Super with benefits

Superannuation is one of the largest benefits available to every Australian worker.

Flare helps every new employee become more engaged with their super – helping them ensure they’ve made the right choice of fund for their own financial needs.

Driving this engagement with super helps every hardworking Australian get the most out of this important benefit and enjoy better retirement outcomes.

Onboarding with benefits

One in four Australian workers onboard with Flare. As Australia’s largest digital onboarding provider, Flare protects your most sensitive employee data in a secure digital environment.

We remove the administrative burden and data security risk of manually handling paperwork like bank details, tax file numbers and superannuation choice forms. Every employee nominates their banking, tax and super details in minutes, with real-time verification and instant integration into payroll.

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