Attract and Retain Talent with an Employee Benefits Platform 

The talent market has never been tighter and staffing shortages are the biggest risk to growth and services standards. Amidst rising costs of living many businesses can’t keep up to attract and retain great talent.

ClockOn has partnered with Flare to help your organisation attract and retain top performers in your workplace.

In this session led by industry experts, you will learn how this new, free Wellness and Benefits Platform:

  • Digitally distributes benefits to engage and support your employees amidst rising cost of living pressures
  • Helps your staff increase their take home pay
  • Supports your employees with wellness programs and dozens of perks and discounts
  • Available now for inside ClockOn
Steph Gillon
Head of Engagement
Matt Abbott
Support Manager
Cam Main
Director of Partnerships
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Date: 2 December 2022
Time: 12:00 pm AEST