How to design a wellbeing program

Win the race for talent with a well-designed wellbeing program

A workplace wellbeing program is the experiences, activities, policies, programs, and benefits designed to support individuals to better holistic health. These programs have a positive flow-on effect to engagement, productivity and loyalty. But getting it right isn’t always easy.

When designed and implemented correctly, wellbeing programs can make your workplace more attractive to new and existing employees. Despite this, Australian businesses are failing to offer these programs to their employees. This means that there is a large underserved, under-packaged market in the Australian workforce.

For those businesses who act, there is a competitive opportunity in the race for talent.

In the guide, we’ll cover:
  • The benefits of a wellbeing program
  • The pillars of a strong wellbeing program
  • Getting set-up for success
  • How to deliver a great wellbeing experience
  • Strategies to communicate value to employees
  • How to get started in winning the race for talent.

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